People communications

Work-based communication has always been the core of our business. We're expert in delivering internal communication and external attraction campaigns through all channels, based on sound thinking and delivered by seasoned project managers, consultants, writers and designers.

Strategic communications

Strategic communication means communication aligned with business goals. Using a unique methodology which combines proven skills in brand strategy, traditional PR, digital innovation and creativity, we can help deliver those goals in engaging, cost-effective and measurable ways.

Brand marketing

We can build a brand from scratch, gently evolve your corporate identity or produce an advertising campaign that brings your values to life and gets the phones ringing. We can help you build a brand equity model, develop content and channel strategies, even monitor your brand 'buzz' across social networks.

Home-working no longer a remote possibility for Yahoo!
In a bold move, CEO of Yahoo! Marissa Mayer announces an end to remote working in order to foster a new era of collaboration. And, in doing so, asks the question – in an increasingly digital world, is it physical...
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Keshia Thompson
Risky business? The Challenges of Legal Communications (1)
Developing communications solutions that meet the specific needs of a sector always requires time and effort. The legal sector is no exception and challenges are manifold. Tellingly, few PR giants seem to offer tailored services to the legal industry or...
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Marie-Estelle Hebert
Big Data – no substitute for the Big Idea.
Big Data. It seems like we can’t move for it. If it’s not the fear of it being captured, it’s people talking about it. Zettabytes (roughly one sextillion bytes data fans) of information reside on servers worldwide, but have we figured out how to use it effectivel...
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Rik Moran